Grant Expenditure Reporting Form

Status report to NTUUC on Grant Expenditures.
Use this form within a year of when the grant was awarded. If the program is ongoing, please submit an interim report.

General Instructions:

The report for a grant should be submitted before any request for a new grant for the following year. Please submit it by October 30th. If the project is not yet completed, or is an ongoing project such as salaries, then a current status to date report should be submitted.

If the congregation did not previously submit a final report on a grant from prior years because it was only partially complete or still ongoing, a report on this project is also expected.

If you don't use the online form below, you can submit digital versions of your report to

Digital versions of this Final Report, along with the other grant documents such as the Application Form and the Guidelines can be found here:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Congregation President(Required)
Contact person(Required)
Describe the project and give the date when it was completed (or current status).
Give the total amount spent to date on the project, how it was spent and the source and amount of any matching or additional funds over the amount of the grant that were spent by the reporting congregation. (An item-by-item accounting is not required, but a summary of the project expenditures).
Give your analysis of how (or if) this project contributed to the growth of the congregation or of Unitarian Universalism in North Texas. Do you consider the project a success? (The fact that a project did not work out will not affect future requests from that congregation!)
Give us your suggestions, if you have any, as to how the design or carrying out of the project could have been improved (this will help us analyze future requests and advise other congregations).