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The NTUUC Endowment Committee offers grants to help our congregations expand their staffing and programs. To apply, follow the instructions and fill out the form below.

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1. Applications should be submitted using this form. All exhibits should be in digital or scanned form. For all questions or clarifications you can email to
2. On the form space can be expanded to fit your answers. Please use this method rather than attachments wherever possible.
3. If you are seeking funding for more than one project, please submit a separate application for each.
4. NTUUC also has a loan program, which would be more appropriate for projects such as land purchase or major construction.

See the NTUUC Endowment Fund Policy Guidelines for Grants and Loans here.

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These grants are available only to the NTUUC member churches.

Other NTUUC grant questions:

Is the congregation current on at least the minimum level Fair Share dues to UUA?*
Not being a Fair Share contributor will not disqualify you. This is for information only.
Is the congregation qualified under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code?*
If answer is “No”, state any plans to correct this in order to be eligible.
In support of NTUUC’s mission to use our resources to strengthen UU congregations in North Texas, our grants should be focused on:1. Grants to aid the search for and hiring of ministers and staff, including part time or visiting ministers or other speakers or preachers. This includes joint applications by two or more congregations who want to hire a shared minister. Minister/speaker grants may be given to help with the costs of both search and salary. The grant can be for up to three years but will phase out during that period. The Endowment Committee will consider whether the applicant would be able to cover the costs as the grant ends.2. Grants to create new education or faith programs or expand existing ones that support the growth and good management practices of the congregation.3. Grants for infrastructure and facilities additions. These grants should focus on one-time projects that would promote stability and growth and not be items that are or should be part of the regular budget process.

The Grant

Describe the project and attach any exhibits that help describe or give background information about the project.
Allowed file types: PDF, PNG, JPG
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    Describe the steps and timeframe for the project. Include a description of partners on the project, if any.
    State the total cost of project and the amount and source of any non-NTUUC funds:
    State your project’s goals; remember that they need to be SMART. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound)
    Please attach the following: 1. A summary of congregation’s income and expenses for past three years. 2. Membership numbers of the congregation for last three years. 3. Copy of congregation’s strategic plan and which goal(s) would be supported by this project. 4. Any other material that would help the committee to understand the project.
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    Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg, Max. file size: 128 MB, Max. files: 8.
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