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Spirit Play Training

Spirit Play Training

Spirit Play Training You will: Experience a Spirit Play model classroom Hear Spirit Play stories presented Be introduced to the philosophies of Jerome Berryman and Maria Montessori Become familiar with and present one story Hear about success stories and how to begin a program Receive a packet of ma...

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OWL 2017 Facilitator Training

OWL 2017 Facilitator Training

Our Whole Lives Facilitator Training ** Educate the adults in your congregation! ** Make a difference in the lives of the youth in your congregation! ** Be part of an accepting, honest sexuality education program.**

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The North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations (NTUUC), a non-profit Texas corporation, announces that its Board, on January 31, 2015, unanimously adopted a covenant between its member congregations. The pact confirms our faith and its guiding principles, as well as outlining the relationship between the members.

The Covenant adopted by NTUUC is an outgrowth of a six-month governance restructuring undertaken by the current Board. This included the writing of Mission and Vision Statements, Ends Statements, Board Policies, Board-Staff Linkage, and Executive Limitations. The Board wanted to restructure following the Carver model of board governance, as practiced and encouraged by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

It is believed that NTUUC is one of the first clusters of Unitarian Universalist congregations in the country to write an agreement of right relations between its members. The Covenant consists of four principles setting out the relationship between member congregations; eight supporting statements provide guidance in accomplishing those aims.

Covenant of NTUUC Member Congregations



NTUUC proclaims and promotes our covenant of liberal religion by empowering its member congregations through education, collaboration and funding.

In support of this Mission, we, members of the North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations, affirm that:

  • Member congregations cultivate mutual respect and support for each other and the work each is doing.
  • Member congregations allocate resources to jointly promote and advance UUism in North Texas.
  • Member congregations utilize responsibly the resources made available by NTUUC.
  • Member congregations value and celebrate the differences, ideas, spirit and abilities of each congregation, mindful of differences in size and location as they affect our joint endeavors.

To work together, we will utilize the following guidelines:

  • We choose at least one official lay representative (1 for each 500 members) to attend NTUUC meetings and activities.
  • We promote NTUUC training events and workshops to our members.
  • Individual congregations determine the process by which they select their official NTUUC representatives.
  • We inform other congregations of activities that publicly promote our faith in North Texas.
  • We commit people, time and other resources to accomplish NTUUC goals and encourage collaboration.
  • NTUUC representatives communicate to their member churches’ Boards of Trustees and members the plans and actions of NTUUC.
  • We are transparent in our actions and commitments.
  • We keep the commitments we make to NTUUC.