Wooden lit chalice on stone wall. Symbol of Unitarian Universalism. Photo by Peter Poulides.

New website, Action Hour, and immigration advocates needed!

The long-awaited update to TXUUJM.org has begun! Check it out.

You can now access all the Action Hour info and past newsletters there anytime. More content coming soon. We hope to see you this and every Thursday.

Also, TXUUJM is recruiting Texas UUs and friends who would be willing to be on a Zoom call w/ TXUUJM, our partners UUs for Social Justice, and Texas Senators Cornyn and Cruz, related to the Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA). Please click here and fill out the form if you would be willing to show up for an online meeting. Date/time TBD. Those who fill out the form will be invited when we have more information from UUSJ and our senators.

Click to subscribe to our TXUUJM’s Google calendarhttps://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/2?cid=dHh1dWptQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ