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NTUUC Strategic Plan

Plan as of Aug 2020

Events Around the Cluster Calendar



 (North Area Texas UU Religious Educators)
is proud to present:

Middle School rUmpUs

Come join other 12-14 year old UUs from around the North Texas area for RUmpUs,
a day of fun, team-building and the famous ropes course at Group Dynamix at its new facility in Carrollton.


A special event for
UU middle-schoolers

in the DFW area

September 24th, 2016
{Arrive 10:45am}


Group Dynamix
1100 Venture Ct #120, Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 416-9646
(Directions below)

All reservations are non-refundable.
You are responsible for providing transportation
for your child to/from Group Dynamix.



Deadline Extended through Wednesday, Sept. 21st
But Hurry!  We have only a handful of spaces available!

This event is sponsored by the North Texas Area Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators (NATUURES) with generous support from the North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations (NTUUC)

Download the flyer to post and promote the rUmpUs!


Why is it important for my child to attend?
Middle school is a crucial age in faith development – that’s why we offer OWL and Coming of Age programs in 7th, 8th and/or 9th grades. It’s also a time when many teens pull away from church involvement as they test their independence from their parents. We believe that a critical step towards growing lifelong UUs is capturing their interest and attention in middle school. We want them to know they’re not alone – that along with all the support and opportunities our churches have to offer them, they have a rich and positive peer community just waiting to be built!


Our teens have had a wonderful time and made connections with other DFW UUs.  

We hope your child will join in the fun this year!



Here’s what Group Dynamix says about what they do:
Our teambuilding program for youth takes a fun approach for getting a diverse group of youth to become an effective team. Using a variety of our tools like group games, initiatives and low and high elements of our ropes course, we help the group process what is learned and transform groups by:

  • Strengthening relationships
  • Building trust and commitment within the group
  • Helping identify group goals
  • Developing positive teamwork skills
  • Learning to overcome group challenges
  • Improving decision making and problem solving
  • Discovering and developing leadership skills
  • Making an action plan for group change

Three Steps are required to attend:

  1. Use the online form (button below) to submit your registration information.

  2. Safely pay online with our PayPal connection from the registration form. (A PayPal account is not needed to make your payment.)  Scholarships are available - please contact dlre @

  3. Please download, print out and sign this release statement from Group Dynamix.

    Bring the signed form to Group Dynamix Saturday, Sept. 24th.
    Your child WILL NOT be allowed to participate without it.
If you would like to help chaperon the event, please register as an adult and select "Chaperon" from the participation options.



Special information for the day:

• Arrive by 10:45am
• Each participant must have a signed Group Dynamix waiver in order to participate in this event
• Check with your religious educator if your home church also requires a waiver
• Participants should come dressed in comfortable jeans or long pants, loose-fitting clothing and closed-toe athletic shoes; the activities will involve running, climbing, and swinging. The wearing of shorts and/or sandals at this event is highly discouraged and may prevent participation in certain activities.


rUmpUs FAQs:

How much does it cost?
Through generous support from the North Texas UU Congregations, this powerful event will cost only $15 per child.
(Scholarship are available — please contact: DRLE @

Who may attend?
Anyone who’s in 6th, 7th or 8th grade this year and is enrolled in classes at one of the participating churches is welcome.  
(Sorry, non-church friends and siblings younger than 6th grade may not attend.)

Additional Questions?
Please contact Lauren Daniell, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Horizon UU Church
dlre @  or Kathy KinKaid, DLRE, Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff religiouseducation @


Important notes on Registration:

Please specify Grade
(6, 7, 8) as of August 2016

Participant must be 12 years old
have completed fifth grade in order to participate
in this event per Group Dynamix rules
Make sure to submit contact information on the two
responsible adults/emergency contacts

Please do not share links to the registration form.
If you wish to share this information, please use:


Get Directions:

Group Dynamix
1100 Venture Ct #120, Carrollton, TX 75006:


Directions From:
Address or Intersection
ZIP Code


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