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NTAUUS Recognition Awards for 2013

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013

The awards for 2013 were presented at our
Awards Luncheon on January 12th, 2013
at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.


Our Guest Speaker

Rev. Tamara Lebak   Rev. Tamara Lebak

Rev. Tamara Lebak

Associate Minister at All Souls Church, Tulsa

"What's Our Net Worth?"

Recognition Awards

NTAUUS Recognition Award

Other Awards Pages:

Did you miss the luncheon?
Need to hear Rev. Lebak's presentation again?

Listen Here

(And then go "burn your socks!")

Please note that Rev. Lebak's presentation is
Copyright 2013 and is used with permission.

Tamara Lebak is Associate Minister at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, OK. Tamara integrates her training in Gestalt Organization and Systems Development, conflict management,appreciative inquiry, and community organizing in diverse racial and economic settings.

She has co-edited a book titled Reverend X: How Generation X Ministers Are Shaping Unitarian Universalism. In this book, Tamara’s chapter focuses on the patterns of healthy vs. unhealthy church systems. She has done consulting nationally, is an accredited executive coach, an amateur triathlete, a singer/songwriter and a proud mother of one.

Images from the Awards Luncheon

2013 NTAUUS Awards Luncheon

Visit our Photo Album for more images from the 2013 NTAUUS Awards Luncheon
and to view a copy of the slides projected during the awards presentation.

2013 Photos


Our Award Recipients

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipient for 2013 Marianna Seaton
Marianna Seaton

The Ruth Clark Award for Lay Staff

Marianna Seaton
Director of Lay Ministry
Horizon UU Church

As Director of Lay Ministry, Marianna Seaton has established a model Pastoral Care program, one that extends far beyond the walls of Horizon UU Church. To use her words, she works to "build an environment in which we can practice our UU principles in safety, learn how to apply them effectively, and take them into the world."


NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013 Rev. Russell Elleven
Rev. Russell Elleven

The Robert Raible Award for Ministry

Rev. Russell Elleven
Westside UU Church

In his seven years as their minister, Rev. Russell Elleven has helped Westside UU Church complete their Five-Year Plan in just three and a half-years; their membership has doubled and their building is bursting at the seams.

Marty Robinson Award for Volunteers

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013 Carolyn Cameron
Carolyn Cameron

Carolyn Cameron
Red River UU Church

Carolyn Cameron is by any definition, a pillar of her church - Red River could not have managed their new building without people like her. She seems to always be on a committee or board, and with her husband Bruce, donates all the profits from ChaliceArt jewelry to UU causes. She is also a mother's pride and joy: she follows through with commitments, is impeccable with her word, looks for and sees the good in others, and unfailingly lets others know their contributions are valued - And this is just part of what her nomination said.


NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013 Lauren Daniell
Lauren Daniell

Lauren Daniell
Pathways UU Church

We wondered about giving Lauren Daniell the Clark Award for staff. She is Director of Lifespan RE for Pathways, but on a volunteer basis, above and beyond the call of duty. She stepped forward when there was nothing offered in the summer, was determined to see that RE classes ran smoothly during the congregation's recent move, and was terrific with the kids when some experienced spiritual bullying at their schools.


NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013 Patsy Roe
Patsy Roe

Patsy Roe
Horizon UU Church

Pasty Roe seems like a congregation leader's dream - dependable, organized, and generous, she also mentors others so they are ready to take her place. She has connected NTAUUS and Horizon, and worked with the district's Chalice Lighter program to help other UU congregations grow. As testimony to her skills, a volunteer was pleased to be on Patsy's committee - she "knew the meetings would be orderly with no wasted time."


NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013 Chet Smith
Chet Smith

Chet Smith
Community UU Church

Chet Smith joined a UU congregation forty-one years ago, and has been on a board or committee almost every month of that time, including twenty-five years on stewardship! In volunteer person-terms, however that's computed, he has served 104.5 years. He has served at the cluster, district, and national level, and with Chalice Lighters. And he does it all in a warm and friendly manner, with his quiet and easy-going humor.


NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013 Ed Westmeyer
Ed Westmeyer

Ed Westmeyer
First Unitarian Church of Dallas

First Unitarian might not be able to function without Ed Westmeyer. He took on chairing the AV committee in 1970, when some of you were in diapers or short pants, and finally stepped down eight years ago. Even today, he helps make sure there's always a working microphone handy. And when there's not the right piece of equipment, he creates it; suppliers regard him as the MacGyver of AV, and take photos to show other customers.


Endowment Grant Presentation

2013 Grants Awarded:

  • Total Awards: $59,100
  • Arlington
  • Community
  • Dallas Produce video $3,000, Jericho Road Database $10,000
  • Denton Increase Administrator $10,000
  • First Jefferson Engage neighbors project $5.490
  • Horizon Continue AV coordinator $2,000
  • Longview Visiting Ministers $7,500
  • Oak Cliff
  • Pathways Weekly musician $2,600
  • Sacred Journey
  • Red River RE Coordinator $4,200 Visiting Ministers $4,800
  • Tyler Visiting Minister $10,000
  • Westside Volunteer Coordinator $5,000