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Introduction & Awards

Rev. Chuck Freeman

Endowment Grants

NTAUUS Recognition Awards for 2011

The awards for 2011 were presented at our Awards Luncheon on January 29th, 2011 at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. The presentations were recorded by Videographer Rusty Hann and can be watched above.

2011 NTAUUS Awards Luncheon
Click to Visit our Photo Album for more images
from the 2011 NTAUUS Awards Luncheon

Recognition Awards

NTAUUS Recognition Award

Other Awards Pages:


Guest speaker Rev. Chuck Freeman presented a moving and very animated message after the awards presentations: "If We’re Going to Be the Religion of our Time, Shouldn’t We at Least Be Religious?"

Rev. Freeman is the Minister of Spiritual Life at Live Oak UU Church in Cedar Park, Texas. He is also the creator, producer, and host of Soul Talk, on Progressive Blend Radio and the founder of The Free Souls Project: Promoting the integration of spirituality, democracy and ethics from a liberal faith perspective. If that is not enough, he is an active Politics & Religion Blogger for Fire Dog Lake/The Seminal & The Huffington Post.

Rev. Chuck Freeman NTAUUS Recognition Awards  Rev. Chuck Freeman NTAUUS Recognition Awards  Rev. Chuck Freeman NTAUUS Recognition Awards  Rev. Chuck Freeman NTAUUS Recognition Awards  Rev. Chuck Freeman NTAUUS Recognition Awards

Rev. Freeman's Prayer:

In the Jewish and Christian scriptures
the word for breath and spirit are the same.
I invite you to take a long, slow breath.
Inhale & exhale.

Let us join together in prayer.

Everlasting Spirit of Goodness and Righteousness,
You were here long before we came on the scene
and will be here long after we return to dust.
There is only one question before us today.
Will we get in harmony with you?
For you are living, powerful and active,
penetrating the dividing line of soul and spirit,
joints and marrow; discerning the thoughts
and intentions of the heart.
May this NTAUUS be one with You.
Let their leadership demonstrate a wise balance of
trustworthiness, humaneness, intelligence, firmness, and courage.
At the end of this meeting, the end of their terms,
and the end of their days may they hear Your voice proclaiming,
"Well done good and faithful servant!"
We pray in the name of all that is true, honorable and lovely.


Our Award Recipients

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2010

Left (l-r): NTAUUS President Daniel Polk, Karen Lewis, James (Ron) Suiter, Marla Loturco,
John Myers, Gil Guerrero, Judy Gutierrez, Dick Hildenbrand, Missing:Rev. Laurel Hallman

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2010

Right (l-r): Cindy Treece, Marty Robinson

Marty Robinson Award:

Dick Hildenbrand
Marla Loturco
John Myers
James Ron Suiter
Cindy Treece

The Robert Raible Award:

Rev. Laurel Hallman

The Ruth Clark Award:

Gil Guerrero
Judy Gutierrez
Karen Lewis

Marty Robinson Award Recipient: Dick Hildenbrand

An innovator who “gets things done,” a Past President of Community UU Church, a member of the SWUUC Board, and a mover in maintaining and upgrading CUUC’sfacility. An avid organizer and “spreadsheet genius,” Dick has headed numerous committees. Known for organizing campouts, cookouts, and a Katrina cleanup in New Orleans, he is a retired engineer, skilled carpenter, and talented musician.


Marty Robinson Award Recipient: Marla Loturco

In 2009, Marla found herself as one of two remaining members of the her church’s Board of Trustees. After only one month as trustee, she accepted the call to leadership. As President, she chaired a new board, called a congregational meeting, and began the process of mending relationships and guiding the work of the church. Marla’s innate sense of leadership and intuitive ability to involve and inform others helped Red River UU to heal and survive.


Marty Robinson Award Recipient: John Myers

John provided the early energy and vision for the development of his church’s Chalice Circles. These small group ministries provide safe places for new and established members to connect, speak deeply, and listen from the heart. John has held many positions at Horizon, including several terms as board resident. He has been on the SWUUC board as well as serving fifteen years on the NTAUUS Board.


Marty Robinson Award Recipient: James (Ron) Suiter

Ron offers his gifts freely for the benefit of our congregations. A member of Horizon, he was a key organizer of Pathways church and has served on the UUA Endowment. A founder and initial chairman of our fund, Jim helped envision a resource thorough in purpose, precise in procedure, and enduring in its ability to supplement projects in NTAUUS. His legal knowledge, real estate experience, and good judgment have benefited many congregations.


Marty Robinson Award Recipient: Cindy Treece

A leader in financial and membership efforts. Her dynamic leadership with Annual Pledge Drives and a Capital Campaign led to fiscal stability and expanded facilities. She has co-chaired the Membership Committee; the plan they developed is used as a model by the UUA. If this isn’t enough, she also serves on the board. Cindy exhibits a high level of energy and care for Horizon UU’s health and well-being.

Robert Raible Award Recipient: Rev. Laurel Hallman

The first woman to be a Senior Minister of a large church in the UUA, during her twenty- two years at First Unitarian of Dallas, membership doubled and the average pledge quadrupled. She was instrumental in the congregation changing from a “program church” led mainly by volunteers to a “corporate church” with professional management. Laurel helped build the groundwork for a new phase of development, with expanded facilities and quality programs, as well as a richer and deeper spiritual nature.

Ruth Clark Award Recipient: Gil Guerrero

As Church Administrator of Horizon, Gil is an expert at gracefully juggling multiple projects that improve services to church members. He is a technology advocate focused on improving communications with on-line membership information, and professionalizing the office processes. A highly effective on-site project manager, he was the MVP during Horizon's recent building expansion.

Ruth Clark Award Recipient: Judy Gutierrez

As Membership Coordinator, Judy’s research of best practices led to programs for visitors on the path to membership, and a comprehensive database that will be valuable for many years. She also organized and streamlined operating systems of First Jefferson UU Church; her managing of building use doubled rental income in one year. Judy has been tireless in her efforts to make the church a true community .

Ruth Clark Award Recipient: Karen Lewis

Among Karen’s many achievements as Director of Religious Education at First Unitarian of Dallas is the implementation of the Coming of Age program, a curriculum comparable to Bar/Bat Mitzvah. She has mentored other DRE’s, served multiple terms as president of NATUURES, on the District RE Committee and the Committee on Youth Advisors, raised standards for youth safety and involvement, and helped draft a definition of youth empowerment that is used in our district and around the nation.



The 2011 Grant Presentations

  • Total Awards: $109,363
  • Arlington Handicapped restroom - $7,425
  • Community DRE salary support - $6,000
  • Dallas $10k War Impact Program; $10k concert series - $20,000
  • Denton Chairs and sound system - $3,930
  • First Jefferson Minister salary - $9,250
  • Horizon Website - $10,000
  • Longview Visiting minister; broadband; worship training - $10,000
  • Oak Cliff DRE salary support - $6,000
  • Pathways DRE salary support - $6,000
  • Sacred Journey DRE salary support; facilities improvement; outreach - $7,800
  • Red River Board retreat/consulting - $3,100
  • Tyler No application
  • Westside A/V equipment; defibrillator - $9,858
  • NATUURES - $10,000