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Disaster Relief Efforts

Disaster Relief Efforts

We are putting together a list of ways you can help after the recent disasters:  

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Job Listings

Job Listings

"Around the Cluster"  Employment Opportunities:  Rental Coordinator      Rental CoordinatorPathways:A Unitarian Universalist Congregation477 West Harwood Road, Hurst, 76054 Pathways is looking for folks interested in coordinating the rental of our church facilities to both c...

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The Eighth Annual NTUUC Recognition Awards

 ...recognize service by our ministers, lay staff members, and volunteers. The awards are named after three pioneers from our North Texas UU history; Robert Raible, Ruth Clark, and Marty Robinson.

Announcing the 2017 NTUUC Recognition Award Winners!

Ruth Clark Award for Non-ordained Staff:
Gene McKeon - Westside UU Church, Fort Worth
Kathy Smith - Community UU Church, Plano

Robert Raible Award for Ministers:
Rev. Mark Walz - UU Church of Oak Cliff, Dallas

The Marty Robinson Award for Volunteers:
Barb Rodman - Denton UU Fellowship
Bill Daffinee - Community UU Church, Plano
Camilla Norder - Horizon UU Church, Carrollton
Carole Harner - Red River UU Church, Denison
Ruby Hill - Pathways UU Church, Hurst

Help promote the event to your congregation
- download and post the flyer:


The Awards Luncheon will be held on January 28rd, 2017 at
the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.

Our featured speaker will be Rev. Nathan Ryan,
Assistant Minister at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge.

"Come Hell or High Water"


Rev.Nathan Ryan

Gathering at 12:30pm, Luncheon at 1:00pm
Tickets are $20 and are available for $12 for seniors/students.

We are introducing a "pay it forward" option this year!

Would you like to help foster new generations of leadership? Purchase
an extra ticket (or two!) for NTUUC officers to present to a deserving youth/young adult.

Tickets sales are now closed. See everyone on Saturday.

Learn more about our awards below.

 Past Award Recipients and Ceremonies

awards2016Photos by Pat McAfee  (l-r): Daniel Althoff, Cindy Fountain, Judy Hembree, Marge Stockton, Bunny Summerlin

The Awards Luncheon for 2016 was held on January 23, 2016 at the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.


Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2016 Awards Details

2015 Recipients scaledPhotos by Walter Wm. Hofheinz  (l-r): Lillian Drab-Braddick, Karl Thibodeaux, Deb Bliss & the Community Gardeners, Elbert Hill, Linda Ice, Sarah Reiling

The Awards Luncheon for 2015 was held on January 31st, 2015 at the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.


Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2015 Awards Details

NTUUC Recognition Award Recipients for 2014

(l-r): Anne Smith, Nelah McComsey, Gene Dailey, Marion Hill,
Jeff Bullock, Cherri Mayberry


The Awards Luncheon for 2014 was held on January 25th, 2014 at the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.


Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2014 Awards Details

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2013

(l-r): Marianna Seaton, Rev. Russell Elleven, Carolyn Cameron, Lauren Daniell,
Patsy Roe, Chet Smith, Ed Westmeyer

The Awards Luncheon for 2013 was held on January 12th, 2013 at the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.


Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2013 Awards Details

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2012

(l-r): Scott Grey, Bruce Cameron, Nancy Foreman, Ray Enstam,
Natalie Briscoe, Ian Rule, Pam Wat

The Awards Luncheon for 2012 was held on January 21th, 2012 at the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff.


Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2012 Awards Details

NTAUUS Recognition Award Recipients for 2010

(l-r): Daniel Polk, Karen Lewis, James (Ron) Suiter, Marla Loturco, John Myers, Gil Guerrero, Judy Gutierrez, Dick Hildenbrand, Missing:Rev. Laurel Hallman, Cindy Treece

The Awards Luncheon for 2011 was held on January 29th, 2011 at the
First Unitarian Church of Dallas.


Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2011 Awards Details


The awards for 2010 were on March 27th, 2010. 

Visit the events page for presentation details
and more information on our award recipients:

2010 Awards Details



Grants to Our Congregations

NTUUC Presents our annual grants to our congregations as part of the Award Luncheons. Complete details on the awards can be found on our:

Grants Page  



We have named our recognition awards for service by ministers, lay staff members, and volunteers after three pioneers from our North Texas UU history. The Robert Raible Award honors the twenty-two year ministry at First Unitarian by the beloved ‘Daddy Bob,’ the Ruth Clark Award recognizes the many years of dedicated service by the first paid DRE in the Southwest Conference, and the Marty Robinson Award commemorates the decades of wide-ranging contributions of this treasured volunteer and member.

Ruth Reinhardt Clark

Ruth Reinhardt Clark


Ruth Rienhardt Clark was instrumental in building the Unitarian Universalist presence in North Texas. The first person to be a paid Director of Religious Education in the Southwest Conference, she was on staff at First Unitarian of Dallas, as well as a leader in the Women’s Alliance. In 1987, she and Harold retired to Denton where they joined the Denton UU Fellowship, and were active until Harold’s death in 2002, after sixty-five years of marriage. Ruth remained part of the congregation until her death in 2009, shortly after giving her blessing to naming our award in her honor.

With a warm smile and sparking blue eyes, she welcomed an ever-increasing number of children and parents to RE classes. Ruth found time for each and every child, and helped them all to feel special; it was that leadership that helped build the RE program into one nurturing two hundred children a year.

Ruth also helped build the programs at other NTAUUS congregations, mentoring numerous other Directors of RE and helping them ‘learn the ropes’ of implementing curriculums as well as recruiting and training teachers. We owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for laying the foundation of our Religious Education programs.

Her boundless curiosity ranged from theology and the nature of the universe to science, poetry, art, mythology, literature and Texas birds and flowers; creative as well, she blessed many friends with her ceramics, drawings, and paintings. She had a rarely matched enthusiasm for life and great patience and affection for those around her, and this award is our attempt to pass on that zest for life.

Marty Robinson

Marty Robinson


Having first joined a Florida congregation, Marty Robinson became part of Jefferson Unitarian Church in the early 1970s, and headed up the RE program before moving to Germany. When she returned a few months later, she had to settle in Dallas - she said "she couldn't go back to Ft. Worth after they had given her such a big send-off!"

Marty went on to serve as President of First Unitarian in Dallas, and in 1986 helped found Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church in Farmers Branch/Carrollton. She has been instrumental in its continued growth and success, serving in many capacities, including President and chair of Pastoral Caregivers.

Marty has also served as President of SWUUC, (the SW District of the UUA) and Chair of Volunteers for the 1994 General Assembly in Ft. Worth.

Rev. Robert Jules "Daddy Bob" Raible

Rev. Robert Jules Raible


The Rev. Robert Jules Raible was minister of First Unitarian Church of Dallas from 1942 until 1964. When he arrived in Dallas, the congregation had 175 members and was meeting in rented space; five years later, they had purchased land on Preston Road and moved into their current home. By the end of his tenure, three building phases had been completed, with the new sanctuary completed in time for his retirement.

"Daddy Bob," as he was affectionately known, had "a twinkle in his eyes and a warm tone in his voice that made everyone he met feel special," according to Elaine Wildman, whose wedding ceremony he performed in 1955. He was especially good at persuading all to be involved, but did not hesitate to send someone to another church if our theology was not a good fit. When a person would announce their desire to join, he would first ask, "Have you been to XYZ Church?" He also worked for social justice in conjunction with Temple Emmanu-el at a time when there were few liberal voices in the area, and publicly pressured the Dallas school board to move ahead with desegregation.

Though he was not large physically, his legacy is not minor: he helped build First Unitarian into a strong and viable institution as well as starting the congregations in Oak Cliff, Denton, and Fort Worth. He even maneuvered to have new congregations accepted chronologically instead of alphabetically so that Oak Cliff, after the 1961 merger, would be the first chartered by the Unitarian Universalist Association. Raible Place is appropriately named in his honor, as it was the first integrated apartment complex in the North Texas area and the national ideal for the HUD program that helped us build this affordable housing project. Its sale in 2001 provided the endowment which continues to today help build our congregations.

It is with this history that we named the NTAUUS(now NTUUC) ministry award for Daddy Bob, who did so much to establish our faith institution in North Texas.