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College and other scholarships are occasionally available from either NTUUC
 or from our member congregations.

 If you are looking for assistance with registration fees for an
NTUUC-sponsored event, please visit:

Registration Assistance




If someone you know is graduating high school this spring and intending to pursue a career that supports the environment, please have them apply for the Fritz Scholarship.

If you have a scholar who received this award in the last year and they have upheld good academic standards, please have them reapply. 
Renewing scholars should send a short letter of their college experience and how it relates to their vision of working for the environment AND include a transcript of their grades.
Applications for the 2022/23 academic year will be accepted between January 1 and May 1, 2022.

Download and use the form linked below.
Questions? Please send all inquiries to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We always welcome gifts to the fund.
To donate: go to DALLASUU.ORG, click on SUPPORT, then E-GIVING and select the ENDOWMENT – FRITZ FUND to designate your gift to sustain this important scholarship program for our North Texas UU youth.




Do you know any seniors who have been active in one of our NTUUC member Congregations?

Are any of them interested in some area of environmental science?

It might be education or law, just to name two possibilities.

Please download and post a copy of this flyer or one of our other
two versions and help spread the word!


Attention Students:

Have you picked your college and is it "Cool"?  What are you are looking for in a college or university?  Location? Course offerings? Degree plans? Class size?

Did you know you can also consider how a "cool" school is being run?  Check out Sierra magazine's annual top-ten ranking of the nation's greenest universities to find out whether your school made the grade. As the author of "Do Green Schools Matter" in the SIERRA magazine writes, "... we are reminded that LEED-certified buildings equipped with low-flow toilets and stocked with recycling bins push carbon dioxide levels lower and keep reservoirs fuller, landfills emptier, and trees standing longer.

Sierra Magazine's Cool Schools


But what of the students?

The most powerful renewable energy resource these campuses generate is freshly educated young people. And colleges crow that instilling eco-literacy - teaching youths about the state of our planet - "will put us on the right path." If you are pursuing a degree related to environmental work and have been active in your NTUUC-member congregation, the NED FRITZ SCHOLARSHIP can help grow some money for you! Applications accepted between January 1st and May1st, 2021 for the 2022/23 academic year. Details and application information are listed below.


Ned Fritz Scholarships Awarded

Honoring long-time UU and environmental activist Ned Fritz, these scholarships have been awarded to graduating high school seniors who have been actively participating in a Unitarian Universalist congregation in North Texas and intend to study environmental subjects, or related fields, working toward a career focused on improving, protecting, or preserving the environment.



2021 Fritz Scholarship awards:

There was no award presented in 2021.


2020 Fritz Scholarship awards:

There was no award presented in 2020.


2019 Fritz Scholarship awards:

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship recipient, Colleen McCarthy.

2017-2018 Fritz Scholarship awards:

There was no award presented in 2017 or in 2018.


2016 Fritz Scholarship awards:

The Ned Fritz Scholarship Fund is pleased to award the 2016-2017 scholarship to Mira Kayla McKee, from Horizon UU Church in Carrollton. Mira plans to study business at The University of Texas at Austin, focusing on management and marketing; her aim is to harness skills and resources she'll develop to aid companies and organizations that focus on building a better world by improving how we understand and interact with nature. With a special interest in advocating for "repair vs. replace" recycling has been especially important for Mira.

Mira's words:
“My hope is to make a difference in this world by doing various ad campaigns about issues that I think are important: the education of girls around the world, the preservation of the environment, the importance of consent, the necessary end to racism and sexism, etc."

"I hope to at least start a movement that lasts, through advertisement campaigns aimed at ending injustices I see in the world … I want to see the world change, and I want to be part of it.”

Congratulations and good luck, Mira!

2015 Fritz Scholarship awards:

There was no award presented in 2015.

2014 Fritz Scholarship awards:

John Devine is a member of the YRUU class at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. John will be attending the University of Virginia this fall as a full-time student studying urban design. Upon completion of his studies, he intends to return to Dallas to guide the building of a more environmentally conscious and sustainable community.

Nicole Robyn Ulakovic attends Horizon UU Church. Nicole intends to pursue, full-time beginning this fall, a degree in environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Nicole also hopes to help redesign cities to more efficiently use their resources while minimizing pollutants and maximizing open space.

Congratulations to John and Nicole, and to all our UU graduating seniors.

If you or someone you know is graduating high school next year and intending to pursue a career that supports the environment, please have them apply for the Fritz Scholarship next year. The application window will be open January through March; watch for more details.

We also welcome gifts to the fund to sustain this scholarship program. To donate, go to, click on SUPPORT, then E-GIVING and select the ENDOWMENT - FRITZ FUND to designate your gift to this important work.


Scholarship Opportunities

Edward C. " Ned" Fritz Scholarship

Offered by:
The Edward C. "Ned" Fritz Memorial Endowment Fund
First Unitarian Church of Dallas

Ned Fritz 1970 by Gary BarnettNed Fritz 1987 by Paul Iverson Rochester ParkNed Fritz undated

"He was a visionary and inspirational leader."

Edward C."Ned" Fritz (1916-2008) is considered by many to be the father of Texas conservation and a passionate proponent for wildlife and the environment. He was a deeply involved activist and fought many battles for Texas wildlife in the courtroom and through the legislature. He led the push for the National Environmental Policy Act in 1969, which declared a national policy to encourage harmony between man and his environment on a national scale. The Texas Committee on Natural Resources was organized by Fritz in 1968 and would be the spearhead of many legal battles to come. He helped establish the Big Thicket National Preserve.

During the later years of his life, Ned Fritz was a member of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas. His advocacy for environmental justice coincided with the Unitarian Universalist vision of a world in which all people make reverence, gratitude and care for the living earth central to their lives. In 2009, a group of his friends from First Unitarian honored his life by establishing the Edward C. "Ned" Fritz Memorial Endowment Fund.

The income from the endowment may be used to advocate for environmental justice and to promote the sustainable management of natural resources. With this in mind, a college scholarship funded from the endowment has been created. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated his or her support of the environment and who plans to pursue a university degree in environmental studies or a related field.


The Ned Fritz Scholarship is open to graduating seniors who have been actively participating in a Unitarian Universalist congregation in North Texas. One scholarship of $2,000 will be awarded annually to a student who intends to study environmental subjects with an aim of working toward an environmental career.

Applications will be accepted starting January 1st and must be received by May 1st, 2022

You can download a PDF version of the scholarship form and complete application rules.


Please mail the completed application to:
First Unitarian Church
4015 Normandy Avenue
Dallas, TX 75205

Ned Fritz 1996

Edward C. "Ned" Fritz