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NTUUC County Map Image

NTUUC Strategic Plan

Plan as of Aug 2020

Events Around the Cluster Calendar


NTUUC Board Members


Name: Title: Phone: email:
Dennis Strouble President   President @
Carol Cappa Vice-President   VicePresident @
Mary McMahon Secretary   Secretary @
Kevin Bolton Treasurer   Treasurer @ 

NTUUC Staff:


Name: Title: Phone: email:
Daniel Polk Exec. Director 469.682.8870 Executive @
  Assistant   Admin @
Scott Grey Webmaster 214.693.8882 Webmaster @ 

Congregation's NTUUC Board Members

You can download a PDF and read a description of the organization and opportunities available for our board members. We have also published a Job Description for our Board Members.

The policies of the board are available in this file:
Previous board minutes:


Our Board Members covenant to:

  • promote NTUUC activities in our congregations and the wider community.
  • attend and participate in meetings.
  • be prepared for meetings by submitting any necessary materials and by reading all submitted materials.
  • engage in respectful communications with our colleagues.
  • participate in committee responsibilities.

Revised August, 2015 

NTUUC Representatives:


Name: Congregation:   email:
John Blair Arlington   Arlington1 @
Sarah Reiling Community   Community1 @
Sunnie Palmer Denton   Denton1 @
Kevin Bolton First Dallas   FirstDallas1 @
Ray Enstam First Dallas   FirstDallas3 @
Jennifer Jennings First Dallas   FirstDallas4 @
Mchael Zepeda Frst Jefferson   FirstJefferson1 @
PJ Blanco Horizon   Horizon1 @
Tracy Webster Longview   Longview1 @
Alicia Kalich Oak Cliff   OakCliff1 @
Mary McMahaon Pathways   Pathways1 @
Elec Winner
Pathways - Alternate    Pathways2 @
Elbert Hill RRUU   RRUU1 @
Lisa Holcomb Tyler   Tyler1 @
Carol Cappa
 Westside   Westside1 @
Lisa Holcomb

Mary Lee Kilgore