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A Brief History of
the North Texas Association of Unitarian Universalist Societies (now NTUUC)

In the mid l960s the Federal government encouraged churches to build low-cost housing projects with very small interest loans (the rate was 1%). NTAUUS was established specifically to operate such a low-cost housing project. By 1970 the project was completed in Irving, Texas, and named for Robert Raible, a former minister of First Church, Dallas.

More details on the Section 236 Rental Housing program that made Raible Place possible is available from the U.S. Government Accountability Office website:


Although a commercial mortgage had to be secured, the Federal government paid all interest over the 1%. All operating costs had to be raised through the rent on the 172-unit complex.

We are collecting "Stories of Raible Place." If you lived at Raible Place or were an early member of NTAUUS and would like to share your stories, please contact Daniel Polk: executive @

You can download and read Raymond A. Enstam's remembrance of this history:
"A Brief History of Raible Place & NTUUC: In Remembrance of Times Past"

A scene from the Raible Place Apartments

NTAUUS appointed a special nine-member Raible Place Charitable Trust who hired a commercial management group to do the day-to-day management. The Raible Place Board was diligent in keeping the project in good condition, and was even able to hire a social worker and a part-time nurse practioner who assisted the tenants, many of whom were single mothers or seniors on government subsidies.

NTAUUS was looking forward to the year 2010 when the mortgage would be paid and Raible Place would be free of any government restrictions and would be an asset. Because Raible Place had been so well-maintained over the years, it was not surprising that investors approached NTAUUS about the possibility of selling the project before the mortgage was completely paid.

Raible Place Trustees and Friends

1979 Raible Place Trustees & Friends
Please mouse-over to identify everyone shown.

In late 2003 an agreement was reached, and NTAUUS became the beneficiary of over two million dollars. Most of that amount was deposited into the already established NTAUUS Endowment Fund. Nearly $150,000 was left as operating funds for the NTAUUS Board. In 2004, the Endowment Fund was reorganized and guidelines were established as to how the monies could be spent. A commercial investment firm was hired and the funds have flourished during the subsequent years.

(This information was provided by Ray Enstam of First Church, Dallas, and Anne Smith, Secretary of NTAUUS.)


Early UU history in the Southwest

SWUUC area graphic
For many years, the Southwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference provided additional support of UU Congregations in our area until it was dissolved in the spring of 2015.

For additional observations on the history, and thoughts on the future of NTAUUS (NTUUC), you can read an address by Mike Ellsberry, Association President from 1993 to 2008, given on the occasion of his retirement from the organization.