From NTUUC President Stacy Duryea:

2020 - 2021 NTUUC Board President’s Report

As I took on the president’s role at NTUUC in early 2020, things in our world were changing very rapidly. However, the board was ready to meet and conduct business virtually and we have been able to make good progress in our goals for this term.

NTUUC’s first action for this term was to design and approve a new strategic plan. We hired an outside consultant to help us with guidance on the process and with our research. We were able to survey the member congregations and, together with the NTUUC board and staff, draft and approve a new strategic plan, now available on the NTUUC website [strategic plan].

Currently we are drafting the tactical guidance to support the strategic plan. This included guidance for grants, activities with member congregations, training provided or supported by NTUUC, and visibility of NTUUC and member congregations in the community.

We hope to be giving grants again later in 2021 under the new guidelines. While Daniel Polk has continued supporting training activities, there have been limits on what is available in that area; hopefully this will also be back to normal later this year.

Stacy Duryea

NTUUC Board President 2020-2021